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Agrippa Part IV: His Top 5 Building Projects as Aedile of Rome

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Augustus once famously said that he “found Rome a city of brick and left it a city of marble.” Much of that work was accomplished through the deputation of Marcus Agrippa.  When Augustus came to power, the city of Rome was not how we imagine it today. Having grown too large, too fast, it was a messy, ever-growing collection of brick and wooden [...]

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Agrippa Part III: Battle of Actium and Founding of Nicopolis

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Having proven his naval prowess against Sextus Pompey as well as his unwavering loyalty, Agrippa was the natural choice for Octavian when the constant tension with Antony led to another nautical war. Shortly after the Battles of Mylae and Naulochus, Octavian had successfully ousted the third triumvir, Lepidus. As a result, he held sole control of the western half of Rome with Antony [...]

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Agrippa Part II: Victory at Mylae and Naulochus

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Despite Julius Caesar’s complete defeat of Pompey the Great, Pompey’s children continued to fight in his name even after Caesar’s murder. The most successful was Sextus Pompey, who collected an armada of pirate ships and continually harassed Roman shipping. In 37 B.C., young Octavian suffered a shameful defeat against Sextus Pompey, and once again turned to his old friend, Marcus Agrippa, for help. [...]

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Agrippa Part I: Triumph at Sipious.

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“Agrippa, who was the closest friend of Octavian”. Appian, The Civil Wars History of Sipious (Sipous) Located on the western coast of Italy, ancient Sipious (Sipous) began as a Greek city. It was a colony founded by Diomedes according to legend, but likely established by Daunians, an Iapygian tribe consisting of a mixture of Illyrians from the west coast of Greece and Apulians from southern Italy, [...]

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Caligula’s Great Spectacle at Puteoli

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Lying on the northwestern corner of the Bay of Naples, the city of Puteoli was a vital hub of ancient Rome. Greek colonists first established the city in 194 B.C., but it soon fell into Roman hands. Puteoli thrived under Roman rule, becoming the primary import point for grain ships from Alexandria in Egypt, protected by the main strength of the Roman navy, [...]

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Meta Sudans Rediscovered: Coins & Other Stories

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Meta Sudans: meaning and significance “Meta” was a tall conical structure that stood on either side of chariot racing tracks, while the Latin word “Sudans” stands for sweating. The Meta Sudans in the Valley of the Coliseum was once an imposing, conically-shaped fountain that seemed to sweat water. It stood at the juncture of four of the city’s Augustan regions (I, III, IV [...]

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Agora of Athens & 7 Tales on Diogenes the Cynic

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Around the early fourth century BCE, a curious man by the name of Diogenes was said to have lived in a large ceramic jar in the Athenian marketplace. Diogenes, or Diogenes ‘the Dog’, was a Greek philosopher renowned for his extreme frugality and at times, peculiar behavior. These behaviors were grounded in the values of Cynic philosophy, with Diogenes as one of the [...]

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Zenobia of Palmyra: Rival to Rome

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 “Whatever must be accomplished in matters of war must be done by valor alone. You demand my surrender as though you were not aware that Cleopatra preferred to die a Queen rather than remain alive.” - Zenobia to Emperor Aurelian Though inhabited from the Neolithic Era, Palmyra reached its height of prosperity due to its location on the Silk Road and the heavy profits [...]

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Julius Caesar and the Pirates: Captivity and Escape to Miletus

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Miletus has a long and rich history, which it displays in its wealth of archaeological ruins. The very earliest evidence dates to the Neolithic Era, and the city has been inhabited since. Its culture saw influence and varying control by the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Hittites, and Carians. During the conquests of Cyrus, it fell under Persian control, and then passed to Alexander and the [...]

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