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Agora of Athens & 7 Tales on Diogenes the Cynic

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Around the early fourth century BCE, a curious man by the name of Diogenes was said to have lived in a large ceramic jar in the Athenian marketplace. Diogenes, or Diogenes ‘the Dog’, was a Greek philosopher renowned for his extreme frugality and at times, peculiar behavior. These behaviors were grounded in the values of Cynic philosophy, with Diogenes as one of the [...]

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Zenobia of Palmyra: Rival to Rome

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 “Whatever must be accomplished in matters of war must be done by valor alone. You demand my surrender as though you were not aware that Cleopatra preferred to die a Queen rather than remain alive.” - Zenobia to Emperor Aurelian Though inhabited from the Neolithic Era, Palmyra reached its height of prosperity due to its location on the Silk Road and the heavy profits [...]

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Julius Caesar and the Pirates: Captivity and Escape to Miletus

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Miletus has a long and rich history, which it displays in its wealth of archaeological ruins. The very earliest evidence dates to the Neolithic Era, and the city has been inhabited since. Its culture saw influence and varying control by the Minoans, Mycenaeans, Hittites, and Carians. During the conquests of Cyrus, it fell under Persian control, and then passed to Alexander and the [...]

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Cunning Queens of Halicarnassus

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The city of Halicarnassus was almost extinct by the Roman Era, but it had been an extremely influential city in the shaping of the ancient world. As well as being the hometown of the famous historian Herodotus, it was also the site of one of the ancient wonders of the world and the seat of some impressive female rulers of Caria. Dorian settlers [...]

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The Subterranean Galleries of the Baths of Caracalla

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For the first time, the underground tunnels beneath Rome’s extraordinary Baths of Caracalla are open to the public. Following the completion of renovations that began in 2015 and cost €350,000, the secret underground galleries of the baths have been revealed. From June 18 to September 29, 2019, visitors can immerse themselves in a special visual and musical exhibition within the subterranean tunnels. After [...]

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The City of Selinus: Casualty of the Punic Wars

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A great pillared temple dominates the skyline of Selinus today, while other city buildings are in ruins around it. Yet the building foundations are many and widespread, as modern buildings have never encroached on the site. The city of Selinus was abandoned after its destruction at the hands of the Carthaginians, during the Second Punic War with Rome. Colonists from Megara in Greece [...]

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The Great Circumvallation of Alesia

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 “He stated that he had undertaken that campaign, not for his own occasions, but for the general liberty; and as they must yield to fortune he offered himself to them for whichever course they pleased — to give satisfaction to the Romans by his death, or to deliver him alive.” - Julius Caesar, Gallic Wars Alesia is little known besides its famous identity [...]

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Verona and Conflict for Imperial Power Centers

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The city of Verona treats visitors to some of the richest Roman remains in all of northern Italy. Uniquely, its Roman theater and amphitheater are both still in use for performances today. The amphitheater, known as the Roman Arena, is famous for its epic performances of large operas. In the past, the city occupied a strategic place near the river Adige and it [...]

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Acaunum and the Decimation of the Theban Legion

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The ancient ruins in the city of Acaunum, now modern day Saint-Maurice, are not extensive. Yet their display is beautiful, and they are steeped in the legend of the Decimation of the Theban Legion. Begun in the Bronze Age or before, it was around 30 B.C. that Acaunum fell under Roman rule. Traditional Christian accounts tell of the martyrdom of an entire Roman [...]

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Emerged from Capua: Spartacus and the Slave War

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For those who enjoy a bit of historical pop culture, the city of Capua is probably all too familiar due to its association with Spartacus and slave rebellions. Founded during the 6th or 8th centuries BCE, Capua was in the region of Campania. Campania was a prosperous and wealthy region, valued for its lush countryside. Capua itself among many things was a centre [...]

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