Campus Martius

Domitian: Misery of Absolutism and Splendor of Rome

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Domitian was the younger son of Vespasian, and brother of Titus – he inherited power after the death of his brother in AD 81. Domitian is remembered for his strong tendency toward absolutism: he obtained full control over the Senate, reducing its role to the administrative one. Demonstrating his disdain for the Senate, Domitian used to come there in the garb of a [...]

Scipio and Masinissa Part Two: Election on Rome’s Campus Martius

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“It was the confidence with which he had in this way inspired his fellow-citizens that led them to entrust to him, young as he was, a task of enormous difficulty, and a command which involved the gravest responsibilities.”  - Livy, History of Rome A deep despair hung over the city of Rome following the death of the Scipio brothers. The Roman Senate planned [...]

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