Alexander the Great

Laodice: Ruthless Queen and Prosperous City

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In this post we feature and Izabela Miszczak photogaphies. Thank you Izabela for you great work ! In the instability left by the death of Alexander the Great, his top generals vied for position and power, with four eventually succeeding in establishing their own dynasties. One of these was Seleucus, who ruled over the region of Syria and Mesopotamia from his seat [...]

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Agora of Athens & 7 Tales on Diogenes the Cynic

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Around the early fourth century BCE, a curious man by the name of Diogenes was said to have lived in a large ceramic jar in the Athenian marketplace. Diogenes, or Diogenes ‘the Dog’, was a Greek philosopher renowned for his extreme frugality and at times, peculiar behavior. These behaviors were grounded in the values of Cynic philosophy, with Diogenes as one of the [...]

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Cunning Queens of Halicarnassus

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The city of Halicarnassus was almost extinct by the Roman Era, but it had been an extremely influential city in the shaping of the ancient world. As well as being the hometown of the famous historian Herodotus, it was also the site of one of the ancient wonders of the world and the seat of some impressive female rulers of Caria. Dorian settlers [...]

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In Honor of Pella: 6 Crazy Tales about Alexander the Great

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This past week, the Central Archaeological Council of Greece announced their approval of a plan for certain restoration projects in the ancient city of Pella. A study to this end has been underway since 2016, but this is the first step toward that dream. It will aim to preserve and restore segments of the large ornate entrance and the main ceremonial building. They [...]

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Alexander the Great’s Spectacular Siege of Tyre

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The city of Tyre has a rich mythological background. Legends say the city was the birthplace of both Europa, who was abducted by Zeus while he was in the shape of a bull, and the fabled Queen Dido of Carthage. Phoenicians founded the original city, called Ushu, around 2750 B.C. at the base of a bay. Its inhabitants built a smaller trade centre [...]

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Alexander Takes his Revenge on Persepolis

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According to legend, Cyrus the Great himself founded Persepolis around 515 B.C.. It became a ceremonial capital of the Persian Empire, though it remained unknown to the Greeks until Alexander the Great arrived in 330 B.C. and took devastating revenge on the city. Get our app on Apple store Get our app on Google play Encounter with the Greek Captives: Having defeated the [...]

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The Tragedy of Perdiccas at Memphis

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Memphis was established as far back as 3000 B.C., legends say by the pharaoh Menes. It soon became the capital of ancient Egypt, and remained so for centuries. In 332 B.C., Alexander the Great and his Macedonians marched into the city. The Egyptians, subjugated by the Persians for years, welcomed them as liberators, and officially crowned Alexander as their pharaoh. While in Egypt, [...]

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