The City of Selinus: Casualty of the Punic Wars

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A great pillared temple dominates the skyline of Selinus today, while other city buildings are in ruins around it. Yet the building foundations are many and widespread, as modern buildings have never encroached on the site. The city of Selinus was abandoned after its destruction at the hands of the Carthaginians, during the Second Punic War with Rome. Colonists from Megara in Greece [...]

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The Great Circumvallation of Alesia

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 “He stated that he had undertaken that campaign, not for his own occasions, but for the general liberty; and as they must yield to fortune he offered himself to them for whichever course they pleased — to give satisfaction to the Romans by his death, or to deliver him alive.” - Julius Caesar, Gallic Wars Alesia is little known besides its famous identity [...]

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Alexander the Great’s Spectacular Siege of Tyre

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The city of Tyre has a rich mythological background. Legends say the city was the birthplace of both Europa, who was abducted by Zeus while he was in the shape of a bull, and the fabled Queen Dido of Carthage. Phoenicians founded the original city, called Ushu, around 2750 B.C. at the base of a bay. Its inhabitants built a smaller trade centre [...]

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