Roman Britain

A Home away from Rome: 7 Roman Villas to explore in Britain

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Author: Kieren Johns. The Romans first made direct contact with Britain in the middle of the 1st century BC, when Julius Caesar invaded in 55 and 54 BC. Romeโ€™s most famous general believed that the islandโ€™s native Celtic people had been providing support to the Gauls in France, against whom he was waging the war that would secure his fame. Within a century, [...]

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Death at the Edge of the Empire: Emperors in Eboracum

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When the Romans first invaded Britain in 43 AD, they remained hesitant to push on northwards. The area north of the Humber River was kept in check by the Brigantes, a client Kingdom of native Celts who were initially friendly to their islandโ€™s invaders. Sometime in the early 70s AD however, a new leader of this kingdom adopted a hostile attitude to the [...]

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