Reign of Caracalla: Begun and Ended in Blood

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Author: Marian Vermeulen  Today, the name of Caracalla is most often associated with the magnificent baths in Rome that bear his name. However, in his own era, Caracalla was known as an unpredictable and dangerous ruler. Some of his opponents nicknamed him “beast.” Though they gave him the name in derision, Caracalla embraced it eagerly. Even the name by which we know him, [...]

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The Subterranean Galleries of the Baths of Caracalla

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For the first time, the underground tunnels beneath Rome’s extraordinary Baths of Caracalla are open to the public. Following the completion of renovations that began in 2015 and cost €350,000, the secret underground galleries of the baths have been revealed. From June 18 to September 29, 2019, visitors can immerse themselves in a special visual and musical exhibition within the subterranean tunnels. After [...]

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