The Villa Dell’Ambulatio in Baia

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Written by Michel Gybels for Time Travel Rome The archaeological park of Baia stands out not only for the important remains of Roman civilization, but also for the beauty of the environment and landscape. You can see the Baths in a unique landscape, and with a view of the Golfo di Bacoli, where you can found a sort of “Roman Atlantis” that is [...]

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Nero Plots the Murder of Agrippina at Baiae

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“It is impossible for any good man to be born from me and this woman.” - Nero’s Father about himself and Agrippina the Younger The city of Baiae seems to have been one of the younger cities of Italy. A source from 178 B.C makes the earliest known reference to the city. Baiae takes its name from Baius, the Greek helmsman of Odysseus’s [...]

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