Fury of Vesuvius

The Fury of Vesuvius Part Four: Ash Covers Misenum

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โ€œThough my mind shrinks from remembering, I will begin.โ€ย Pliny the Younger quoting Virgilโ€™s Aeneid Pliny the Younger and his mother, Plinia Marcella, watched with trepidation as the Roman navy sailed away from Misenum. Plinia was a widower. Her brother had taken her in and adopted his seventeen-year-old nephew as his son and heir. Now, the man of the household was heading into unknown [...]

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The Fury of Vesuvius Part Three: Trapped in Stabiae

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Falling rock and blocked shallows had forced Pliny the Elder and his navy from the shore at Herculaneum. Skirting the edge of the rock fall, they made their way down the coast to Stabiae, which lay south even of Pompeii. An area of numerous ornate villas, both for leisure and farm estates, it lay at the base of the peninsula. The blast from [...]

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