Agrippa Part VII: Coins from Gaul, Epirus and Rome

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“Agrippa, favoured by the winds and the gods leads his towering column of ships, his brow shines with the beaks of the naval crown, his proud battle distinction” Virgil, Aeneid. Book VIII (translation by A.S. Kline) Agrippa is one of the greatest men of Ancient Rome. His lifetime accomplishments were spectacular and his heritage is incredibly rich even two thousand years after his [...]

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Vesta Temple: Sacred hearth & Palladium shrine

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Our next coins-related post is about Temple of Vesta. Many tourists who visit Rome think of it as one of the best-preserved buildings on the Forum. In reality, authentic remains are scarce. The standing structure with columns dates from Mussolini-era restorations and materials used are of Severan era.  Many visitors associate Vesta Temple with Vestal Virgins and sacred fire, which is true. But [...]

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