Carthago Nova

Roman Theater of Cartagena

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Written for Timetravelrome by Michel Gybels. Cartagena (called Carthago Nova by the Romans) was a major urban center with the usual range of civic structures to demonstrate the city’s status to the rest of the world. These included a theatre capable of accommodating around 7000 spectators, constructed between the years 5 and 1 BC. In the third century AD a market was built [...]

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Carthago Nova & Molinete Roman Forum Museum

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Written for Timetravelrome by Michel Gybels History of Carthago Nova Originally named Martia, this settlement on the southern Iberian coast was refounded by the Carthaginian general Hasdrubal Barca (Hannibal’s brother) around 227 BC as Qart Hadasht (the “New City”). Its time as a Carthaginian possession was short-lived. Just seventeen years later, as the Second Punic War was drawing to a close, the Roman [...]

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