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Emerged from Capua: Spartacus and the Slave War

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For those who enjoy a bit of historical pop culture, the city of Capua is probably all too familiar due to its association with Spartacus and slave rebellions. Founded during the 6th or 8th centuries BCE, Capua was in the region of Campania. Campania was a prosperous and wealthy region, valued for its lush countryside. Capua itself among many things was a centre [...]

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The Battle of the Teutoburg

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The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD was one of the darkest episodes in Roman military history. Inflicted upon an Empire at its pinnacle, at a time when contemporary writers were boasting of an imperium sine fine, the defeat at Teutoburg resulted in the complete and sudden annihilation of the XVII, XVIII and XIX legions, some sixteen to twenty thousand men [...]

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